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Due to the poor condition of 2nd Road Pattaya, road works have begun just prior to the 2014 high season period in Pattaya creating dusty conditions


In recent months, everybody started to notice how 2nd road was changing with the sudden wave effect as you drove along it, well it got so bad the road started to break apart and the decision was made to repair and resurface it. Work started this month in mid September with the top level of asphalt being removed, exposing the sand and gravel layers.


Unfortunately, city council forgot to hire a water truck to keep the road damp and suppress the dusty conditions that is choking everyone who travels along it, many who work nearby like taxi drivers and massage staff are wearing dust masks while the problem persists. Dust will also get in your eyes as well for those in bars and those on the move alike and it has been up to the locals to throw water on the road with buckets, which helps, but doesn’t fix the problem.


The problem comes from all the construction taking place around the area, all the extra weight of new buildings pushing down on the ground, combined with recent rains, softens the sandy foundations causing the ground to rise up where there is no pressure to stop it, causing uneven surfaces and wave like effects in the road.


Let’s hope that the resurfacing of 2nd Rd doesn’t take too long



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