Applying for a 5 year driving licence and checklist in Pattaya (2014)

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In a nutshell, what you need –

  • Apply residency certificate at immigration (300 Baht).
  • 2 x passport photos
  • 2 x photo copies my passport ID, sticker and stamps, 1 for immigration, 1 for department of transport.
  • Copy of your rental agreement for Immigration
  • A medical certificate (100 Baht). For department of transport.
  • Your original 1 year temporary licence. For department of transport.
  • A photocopy of you 1 year temporary licence. For department of transport.
  • 350 Baht fee for 5 year licence. For department of transport.
 Zoom out on the map to see the 3 locations you need to go to.

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So just having my 1 year temporary driving licence expire, this is the process that happened to get my 5 year drivers licence.

  1. First I had to go to the Thai immigration office at Jomtien and apply for a residency certificate, you have to check a box for driver licence or stipulate other and fill all the details of your address ect.


I also had to photo copy my passport ID, sticker and stamps (ED Visa), supply 2 passport sized photos and supply a copy of my room rental agreement. Had to pay a fee of 300 Baht and 5 minutes later was given the certificate.

  1. Went to Soi Boakoaw clinic to get a medical certificate, had to show my passport ID for the correct spelling of my name on the document and pay a 100 Baht fee, had my medical certificate in 2 minutes.
  2. So Armed with my residency certificate, Medical certificate, extra copy of my Passport and an expired Thai Licence I headed out to the department of transport to see if I could do a change over even after a week after expiring.
  3. Went up stairs at the department of transport to the licensing centre where I was told to wait for the officer, while waiting read the information on a poster on the wall telling me that if my licence has expired, I would have to re-sit for the 1 year temporary licence which I was not keen to do.

Thai Driver's Licence 1

5.  The officer arrived and I told her I was here for a 5 year licence, I handed her all my documents as well as my licence which she looked over, she started to process everything, she asked I go photocopy my temporary 1 year licence across the road and bring it back to finalise everything. I came back with the copy and then I had to sign off on documents. When that was done she gave me a green card that was for my eye and break test which I passed, I then waited 2 hours for my documents to reach final processing, My name was called and then I had to pay 350 Baht fee, had my Photo taken and received my old 1 year licence with a few holes punched in it and a new 5 year licence, checked the details, all was in order and I left, it was as easy as that.

Thai 5 year licence Pattaya

Remember, you can’t get a 5 year Licence on a tourist visa, only a 1 year temporary licence.

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