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UPDATE 11 -FEB 2015

The students of the school, who were notified of the ED Visa changes in the article below, have been told the changes no longer apply!

No letter of notice was handed out and no would be given in the future, instead only a verbal notice was given, here is what they were told –

  • Gettting the 90 Day visa extension is  a 2 step event
  • Student are to go to Chonburi Immigration at Jomtien for 90 day extensions and pay 1,900 Baht.
  • After paying 1,900 Baht, the student receives a 15 day stamp
  • The student will be visited by Immigration on a random day at school, during the 15 day period
  • If the student is not found in class, the Visa will be cancelled
  • If the student is found in class, a further 75 day stamp will be issued at the end of the 15 day period after another trip to to immigration.
  • No extra payment for the 2nd stamp.

At this point, it is unknown how long this will be the procedure for getting ED Visa extensions, lets hope it’s all back to normal soon.



Thailand’s scrutany of foreigners stepped up again recently with new fee increases for ED Visa extensions




It’s hard to comprehend how a 157% increase on ED Visa extensions could possibly be justified to any foreigner studying in Thailand. Yet this is the new reality students are facing in Pattaya now with students being notified by their schools that their 90 day extension have increased from 1,900 to 4,900 baht or  7,600 to 19,600 baht per year just for extensions.

“Amazing Thailand” gives us another demonstration of “Thai-ness”, and the “land of smiles” is grinning away again at the expense of foreigners.

It seems students have to pay an extra 3000 Baht per 90 day extension or have their visa’s cancelled, there doesn’t seem to be any added benefits to the students for the extra money they have to part with, except, not being booted out of the country just yet. So once again it looks like collecting money is the goal. Words like blackmail and extortion come to mind and students are given 2 options to pay the ransom.


Option 1

  • Pay 1,900 baht for a 15 day extension and be scrutinized during the 15 day period as to whether you will be granted further extensions.
  • At the end of the 15 days pay another 1,900 baht for another stamp extension allowing you to stay 75 days more.

Option 2

  • Pay 4, 900 baht for a 90 day extension and stamp and everything will be ok of course, unless more tea money is needed later on.

This is the photo of a notice handed out to students of a school in Pattaya letting them know of the greedy changes made at immigration Jomtien.

Click on image to enlarge.



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