Exercising In Pattaya

Bodybuilding, Martial arts, aerobics, triathlon, volleyball, swimming and climbing or just walking your pet, however you want to exercise or train, Pattaya will accommodate you.

Jogging at pattaya beach 1

Pattaya is a city of excesses and when I comes to exercise, well it’s no different.  There is a large population of people who love to exercise and stay in shape in Pattaya and there are many popular places, venue’s and gyms available to maintain or improve your fitness level.


All around the clock, Pattaya’s many gyms have people using their facilities and you will spot early morning walkers beating the path along the beach sucking in the fresh morning air before it gets to hot.

In the afternoon, Pattaya’s committed come out in droves to exercise, amateur and pro alike are thrown into the mix together and everyone is feeding off the energy to get to a higher level, come 5pm, Pattaya’s gyms, running tracks, aerobics’ areas and push bike lanes are at full capacity.


Even late in the evening after 11pm, you can still see people working out in the 24hr gym on Soi Boakoaw.

If you’re planning on incorporating exercise into your holiday, then be sure that most hotels will have a gym available to their guests, but the training area will be proportional to the hotel size, meaning –  ‘big hotel – big gym, small hotel – small gym’. Gym Membership is also available outside of hotels in many of the local gym complexes and offer entry for a single workout for about 60 baht to yearly membership for 2800b.


If you’re not planning to exercise on your holiday, be warned, Pattaya can work her magic in strange ways, and there are those who come for the first time and for some reason, maybe it’s the weather or salty air, or maybe it’s the vibe of the town or maybe it’s all the testosterone entering their system from all the ladies around, I don’t know but they just start running, Many times I have seen someone who looks like they just got here, dressed in their touristy Hawaiian shirt and slipper’s, never exercised a day in their life and  just break into a run along Beach Rd, like something builds up inside them that they can’t control and they will explode if they don’t do anything about it, It’s a strange and curious phenomenon.

Exercising your pet

The parkland around Big Buddha and the Pattaya lookout is a maze of walking and biking tracks, with gardens, public seats and free exercise machines, it is the best place to sit and relax, walk, jog or run. Alone or in a group or with a pet, it is very popular amongst the locals, expats and tourists alike and is  one of the safer exercising area’s in Pattaya as there is very limited vehicle access and lots of fresh air to breath.



10 baht public aerobics on the beach

Across from Soi 6 on the Beach is a public area where at 6pm, you can enjoy watching or participate in a aerobics class, in an open area, with views of the sun setting into the ocean and a cool breeze blowing gently, it a great spot to be as day turns to night. Free to watch and 10b to join in, all are welcome.


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