Mini marts in Pattaya

First stop in Pattaya, the Minimart

You have to love the shear amount of 7-11 and Family Mart stores that are located all over Pattaya, when you need a drink quickly, there they are. Mini Marts are just so handy and convenient in so many ways and there seems to be one every couple of hundred meters or so and the prices are fixed and the same in every store.


Here is a list of reasons 7-11 is going to be your favourite shop while you’re staying in Pattaya-

1. Thailand is hot, Pattaya is hot, and you are going to need water and sugary drinks and snacks to avoid becoming dehydrated and fatigued, a 600ml water will cost you 7 baht, a 1.5ltr water will cost you 15 baht.
2. You can buy Paracetamol for headache and pain relief, a pack of 12, 500mg tablets will 12 baht, and you’ll need these after a big night out.
3. A large assortment of snack foods and hygiene products are available to get you through the tough times, including- peanuts, ice creams, burgers, potato crisps, lollies, soaps, toothpaste, shampoo, condoms, coffee, biscuits, sim cards, beer and spirits, cigarettes, milk and bread, much the same as you can get from a super market, only much smaller of course.
4. Sore throat, Cold and flu relief products are also available as well.

So for water, snacks, food and drinks, make your first stop the Mini-mart.

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