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May, June and July in Pattaya may be low season, but every cloud has a silver lining, and low seasons silver lining is that it’s fruit season.


Fruit season in Pattaya is not only immensely popular with Thai’s, but tourist will get in on the action as well, fruit becomes a popular street food with street stalls popping up all over the place selling their products at a bargain base discount rates in an effort to get rid of the oversupply of fruit flooding into the city.



Yes, if you just love eating fruit then this is the time to be in Pattaya. Fruit is available all year round in Pattaya, Mangosteens, Rambutans, Pineapples, Durians, Banana’s, watermelon and Mangoes and fruits that you have never seen before, but they are never cheaper or in such abundance than they are in May – July, Bags of 5 kg’s of Mangoes can be had for 100 Baht ($3), Bags of Rambutans can be bought, 3kg’s for 45 Baht ($1.60).


Yes, it’s a fruit lover’s heaven in May –July, it’s not just a time when you can sample the best of Thai grown fruits, but you can overindulge guilt free, if you wish, Fruit floods into Pattaya from local farms and Rayong district and the markets are in full swing, it seems everyone is in on the action with a mini stall or by selling out the back of their pickup trucks.


Because a lot of the fruit is grown locally and doesn’t have to be transported very far, most of the fruit is ripened on the tree, so it tastes extra good and will keep you coming back for more.


So, If you’re in Pattaya during fruit season, then buy in bulk and enjoy.


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