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The price of accommodation, goods and services in Pattaya or any of the tourist destinations in Thailand varies depending on whether you take your holiday in High Season or Low Season. What Season you visit Pattaya will determine how far your money will go.


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High Season means –

  • Cooler day time and night time temperatures and humidity.
  • High prices and high numbers of tourists.
  • More competition for limited resources.
  • Tourist compete with other tourist for the best rooms and girls in Pattaya and pay accordingly.

Low Season means –

  • Extreme heat and humidity both day and night, up to 38 degree’s Celsius and 100% humidity.
  • Raining and flooding in Pattaya and Thailand.
  • Lower prices and low numbers of tourists.
  • less competition for unlimited resources.
  • Places of accommodation compete with each other to get tourist in their rooms.
  • girls compete with other girls for the attention of low numbers of tourists.

Hi season simply means the period when the most tourist come to Thailand in the cooler months of the year between the months of November – February. Bookings and walk in accommodation in Pattaya gradually become harder to find the closer the days come to Christmas and January. If you haven’t booked your room in advance and are looking for a room when you arrive, then you may have to spend a bit of time going from hotel to hotel searching for a room, this can be a quite tiring and time consuming exercise, with no guarantee of success, not to mention how daunting Pattaya can be if it is your first time here and are not familiar with the cities layout.


It is recommended that you check for rooms that are available and book well in advance, at least 2 – 3 months in advance for popular area’s and book online with companies like Agoda or Asia-rooms.

The heaviest number of tourist is over the Christmas and New year period, accommodation is at a premium at this time and unless you have booked your room well in advance, then you are going to have a hard time finding accommodation and usually the only rooms left will be the cheaper rooms that are dirty and not very nice to stay in or the more expensive rooms that are out of the budget accommodation range, expect to pay $250 Aud or more per night, for a good 3-4 star rated room in the immediate Pattaya area during Peak Season (15th of December – 10th of January).

If you are not successful at finding a room in the immediate Pattaya area then another option is to look further back from Beach Rd and 2nd Rd area and further, head east to 3rd rd were your chances of finding a budget room greatly increase.

Another option is to go to Jomtien Beach which is only 3 km to the south of Pattaya and also has a lot of accommodation available.



Low season simply means the period when the least amount of tourist come to Thailand and Pattaya during the hot, humid, rainy season between the months of March to August. Because tourist find the weather conditions so uncomfortable, the numbers coming to Pattaya for holidays drop significantly and large volumes of rooms become available.


At this time, rooms are usually at heavily discounted rates up to 60% off the high season prices and you can often see signs outside places of budget accommodation advertising that rooms are available from 160 baht – 600 baht per night, but remember you get what you pay for.


If you can put up with the tropical days and nights, then you will find that there are bargains to be had everywhere as the competition for your money increases, your ability to barter or negotiate a better price for yourself in regards to accommodation, souvenirs and girls greatly increase during this period and it can be worth more than the inconvenience of a little humidity.


1. Book a room in advance in High season and organize transport to your hotel from the airport.
2. Once you have checked into your accommodation, don’t leave the premises without getting a card with your accommodations name, address and phone number on it, a map will also be very handy too, so if you get lost, you can ask for directions back to your room.
3. If you have a Smartphone, mark the GPS location of your hotel on Google maps or the app of your choice.


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