Internet cafe’s In Pattaya

If you wondering if there are good, reliable, fast, internet cafe’s in Pattaya, the short answer is yes.

There are a very large number of internet cafe’s located all over Pattaya, they are one of the most common public services available in Pattaya and one will be close by no matter where you are offering a/c, comfortable seats and a little bit of privacy.

Some are very cheap and cost as little as 15 baht per hour, but these are usually located on the back streets, in low density areas.

Most are about 30 – 40 baht per hour and some as high as 60 baht per hour.

Most of the services provided are –

Online gaming, web surfing, emails, web cam, copy, scan, faxes, all the usual stuff that you would have at home.

So, if you don’t have your note pad with you on holiday, it’s no real problem, you will still be able to do everything online that you normally do. If you do have your notebook here, there are also many places that provide free wi fi at their venues for customers, you just have to ask for the password.

Another option is that you can buy data packages from mobile service providers, that give you cheap, fast reliable internet  24 hrs a day, no matter where you are as long as you have a signal, and most modern phones have a portable wi fi hotspot function built in that allows you to connect to your laptop or note book.