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Short time rooms as the name suggest are rooms that are available for rent on a short time basis, which is usually a period of between 1 and 3 hours depending on the venue and cost anywhere from 150 – 450 Baht, most will average 300 Baht.

Short time rooms are predominantly used for casual or opportunistic sexual encounters, where people can go rent a room, conveniently close to their current location,  for sexual activity.



Most short time rooms are not suitable for long term accommodation stays. Some are not very nice and they are the ones on the lower end of the price scale, while others are really amazing, done up in various themes to help along with any fantasy you might have, many of the themed venues have a catalog that you can look at to pick the theme you would like to stay in, for your visit


  • 150  Baht will get you a fan room with very basic furniture like a bed and maybe some other furnishings like a chair, most will have a shower if your lucky or a barrel of water with a bowl.
  • 200 – 250 Baht will get you a fan room that’s much nicer than a 150 Baht room
  • 250 to 350 Baht will get you a basic air conditioned room, most rooms in the 300 Baht range are above bars and are very comfortable and clean.
  • 350 – 500 Baht will get you a good short time room, similar to a hotel room, these rooms are also available for overnight stays at a higher rate of 700 -1000 baht and are fully self contained, many are themed.

There are many themed short time rooms in Pattaya, some are fantasy rooms, some are kinky and some are bizarre –

  • fantasy rooms can consist of various settings in the room that are like the set of a movie, themes can be romantic settings, science fiction setting, night club theme, Arabian harem tent theme, cave setting, rural theme and so on, TK is like this.
  • “Kinky” short time rooms are available in Pattaya, offering “accessories” to get you to the finishing line, whips, chains and bondage rooms can be found at “The Castle” on 3rd Rd.  Down around the back of soi Bongkoch is a VIP short time room, 350 Baht for 3 hours, has a metal frame rocking chair with stirrups attached, designed specifically for positioning your partner in the the same way as a swing, this room also has other helpful aids.
  •  Bizarre rooms – one of the most bizarre rooms in Pattaya to enjoy a short time encounter would have to be at the – Kiss Cool Bar on Soi 6, on the 2nd floor is the “execution room,”  complete with electric chair and holding cell, any last requests?



Short time rooms can be found all over Pattaya, but one the most famous one’s on Beach Rd is “PS Guesthouse”, PS Guesthouse is located on Soi 13/1, beach Rd, Starbucks Coffee is on the corner, turn at Starbucks and go up another 60 meters, on the left, it is very popular because of its location to the beach girls. Prices are 150 baht for an hour in a fan only room and 250 baht for an hour in an a/c room.



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