Soi 9 Accommodation Beach Rd Pattaya, Top 3 Picks / Pattaya Guide

When It comes to location in Pattaya Soi 9 must be close to the top of the list

Not only is the Pattaya police station located on Soi 9, but so is Pattaya’s premiere shopping complex – Pattaya Central Festival, which is home to a multitude of shopping, eating and entertainment experiences.

Apart from the high pedestrian traffic in the area, Soi 9 is one of the quieter Soi’s along Beach Rd and there seem to always be police and security guards nearby keeping a close watch on things,

So where do you stay on Soi 9?

Well there are really only 3 choices –

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  1. The Hilton Hotel Pattaya
  2. Barron Beach Hotel
  3. The Green Hotel hopes you found this information helpful, please share.