Soi Boakoaw night markets in Pattaya are disappearing

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The market stalls that used to be part of the Soi Boakoaw night markets have been reclaimed by developers and torn down, yet another Pattaya Icon is under threat in the name of progress.

Soi Boakoaw Market demolished. 3

Yes, Soi Boakoaw  night markets are shrinking, it seems every year it gets smaller and smaller, and I get the feeling that it won’t be to long before it is swallowed up completely and another hotel or resort will stand in its place.

One of the ladies I buy food from at the market, tells me that a new hotel is going up on the old site, similar to the new Tonies gym complex to the left of the market

Soi Boakoaw Market demolished. 1

In the last 2 years, on the Soi Boakoaw market site, a bank building went up, Tonies gym complex went up and now a similar project is in the wings, Soi Boakoaw market is on borrowed time, its land value and location are too good to let it stay as it is, no doubt in my mind that getting a 30฿ traditional Thai meal in Pattaya will be a thing of the past as every square inch of available land has to be developed, and then the rents go up, the little guy with his stall, trying to make a living is forced out by the wealthy land owner. The same thing is happening along Beach Rd, where mobile street stalls are being harassed to no end by the powers that be, they forget that the tourist want to eat food provided by these people as part of their holiday experience. It makes you wonder- what is the vision the land owners have for Pattaya in the long run and is there a place for anything resembling the real Thailand allowed access.

Nothing stays the same forever and time heals all wounds, but just the same, it is as though Pattaya is losing its soul, the places and people that give and gave Pattaya its character and charm are systematically being displaced and being replaced by foreign idea’s, concepts and designs, not to mention the big price tag passed on to the local and tourist populations to boot.

Soi Boakoaw Market demolished. 6

Soi Boakoaw Market demolished. 5

Soi Boakoaw Market demolished. 2

Soi Boakoaw Market demolished. 4


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