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Living in Thailand full time, I get to hear lots of stories from people in Pattaya who have had what could only be described as a nightmarish experience with getting a visa to Thailand, but once having got their visa and traveled half way around the world to get here get denied entry, even though they have the correct, current visa, they are pulled aside into a room at the airport and are given a choice, pay a bribe or go home on the next flight.

While those who arrive for a 30 day visa on arrival seem to have the least amount of trouble entering Thailand, those who are wanting to stay longer are the one’s coming under scrutiny of the officials.



Thailand is trying to rid it’s self of unwanted foreigners who are staying here or working in Thailand illegally and everyone is under the magnifying glass and nobody is safe, especially if you are of European decent.

But worse of all, there seems to be no rules in place and and the power to give entry into Thailand has been given to those individuals at border check points to decide who comes and who goes, so if someone at a border checkpoint is having a bad day, then you could be the one who pays the price by being denied entry even though you have a visa and everything is in order.



Thousands of people are having their visa applications rejected, where once you could get away with 6 -7 back to back double entries now you are lucky to have 2 and it seems like any excuse to reject your application will be found and you will be knocked back.

If you have had a visa rejection lately and you don’t know why, you are just one of many in the same boat, it is futile to try and work out why, just know that those who hand out the visa’s have been told from above to to thin out the numbers entering Thailand and you have been made an example of.



Until Thailand returns to democracy, the current feel to Europeans is unwelcoming in Thailand and with real bad currency exchanges against the strong Thai Baht, we should repay our hosts by not coming here and spending our money somewhere more friendly.

I don’t recommend anyone coming to Thailand at this time.





2 Years ago I got a “red stamp” in my passport, 2 weeks ago (July 2013) I was refused anymore Tourist Visas for Thailand, today I’m good for 15 months, this is what happened and this is what I did about it.

The Thai Visa red stamp is a warning that you have been in Thailand to long and what you’re doing while in Thailand is coming under suspicion, that you may be working illegally without all the correct documents and are no longer a real tourist .


The stamp reads-

Remark: The holder of this passport travels to Thailand under A tourist visa several times which may result in the refusal of the visa in the future.


3 times denied double entry Visa

The last three times I went to Loas to the Thai Embassy in Vientiane to apply for double entry Visa’s, all 3 times I was knocked back.


On the third last occasion –

I was denied a double entry Visa and issued a single entry, I was chastised by a woman at the counter who was quite hostile towards me when she saw there were a number of Thai tourist visa’s already in my passport and I thought I was going to be turned away then and there, she also asked me if I had a Thai wife and if I had 800,000 Baht in my bank account, to which I answered no, I don’t need these for a tourist visa, ‘You know too much’ she snapped back at me, ‘you cannot have double entry visa’ she snapped again and broke eye contact, it seemed the conversation was over at that point and I stood there dumbfounded for a moment, I then got here attention again by repeatedly saying excuse me miss, see looked at me again and I said “can you give me a single entry please”, she hesitated for a second and snapped at me again – 1000 Baht, I breathed a sigh of relief and handed her the documents and she gave me the number that the people in the other building could process me with, I got a single entry Visa.


On the second last occasion I did some prep work, I got my Thai girlfriend to Write a letter with all her details, asking the embassy to give me a double entry visa as I take care of her and support her, I also brought a copy of the funds available in my bank account back home which is quite a bit more than the 800,000 Baht I was asked to show previously, I wasn’t sure if any of this would help but it was worth a shot.

I was greeted at the counter a little nicer this time around by the same lady, I handed her my documents and the letter, which she read, the answer came back the same, ‘sorry I cannot give you double entry visa’, I said I have money, I finished work already and gave her my bank account balance, she looked at the document and said again, sorry Mr, I cannot give you visa, my boss yak yak me, I give you single entry visa’, I agreed and was processed and picked up single entry the next day.


The Last occasion I went to Loas, I knew the writing was on the wall but wanted to try my luck one more time, I arrived at the counter and saw a new girl at the window, I also saw the lady I had on the other two occasions and I wanted to avoid her, I finally got to the new Lady and presented my documents for a double entry, to my surprise, It was accepted without issue, wow, that was easy I thought, I got my number and went to the other building to pay the fee and get my receipt.


While waiting, my number was called early and a man was waiting for me at a separate counter, he just said straight up – ‘I look on the computer’!  ‘You have to many Visa’s, you are working in Thailand, No More Visa’s For You’! He then handed me back my passport and removed my Photo’s from the application form and gave them back to me, he then ripped up my application form and I protested that I am not working in Thailand, he turned away and walked over to his desk and came back to me and handed over a notice to me then left, and that was about it, the notice outlined it was an offence to work in Thailand while on a tourist Visa, I tried to get his attention for 10 minutes but to no avail, and as it was after 12 pm, the security guards wanted to clear the building for lunch break and the arrival of the people picking up their passports from the previous day, I was encouraged to leave the grounds quickly.

Thai Tourist Visa Rejection. 1

Thai Tourist Visa Rejection. 2



What I Did Next

I went back to my guesthouse and surfed the net for the next few days researching what my option where and formulating plans A, B, C, and D.

Plan A was stay In Thailand and it seemed the best way to do it at this point was the Education Visa. I found many Thai Language schools In Pattaya not far from where I stay and Half a dozen schools that I liked offering 200 hrs of Thai Lessons for between 18,000 – 25,000 Baht, I sent them emails explaining my situation and the predicament I was in and asked for their advice. 2 emails came back that were very informative and helpful, and I made my choice of the school I would apply to from here.

I packed up my stuff and headed to the border, not sure if I would be turned away or get a 14-15 day Visa, to my relief the guy at immigration was really friendly and gave me 15 days In Thailand, I headed back to Pattaya and went to the school that I had researched earlier to answer the last of my questions and get the vibe of the place.

I was there about 40 minutes and was happy and relaxed about the whole process, all the documents were filled out by staff and everything was organized, I paid a small refundable deposit and received a small gift in the form of a coffee mug. Only 4 days later I received a phone call saying my documents had returned from the Ministry of Education and I had been accepted and could apply for an Ed Visa at a Thai Embassy.

A tour company package to Loas was organized for me as well, costing, 8,500 Baht all inclusive, transport, Visa’s, accommodation, meals and transfers and was a 3 day round trip.

I now have an Ed Visa.

The Education Visa is good for up to 15 Months the first application and 12 months every year after that for up to 10 years, with no need to leave the country except to renew the visa when it expires if so desired.



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