Thai Visa Red Stamp

I’ve seen a lot of articles about the Thai Red Stamp, but I don’t think I have actually seen a passport with a refused stamp, stamped in it from Thailand. A friend of mine showed me one he had from Cambodia, not allowing him entry for 3 years, but never from Thailand.


I received a red stamp in my passport a couple of years ago that seems to get a lot of people worried, but all it is, is a warning that you may be refused a visa in the future, not you will be refused a visa next time you apply for one.

So on my 5th back to back, double tourist visa application, the Thai embassy in Veintiene Loas finally gave me a Red Stamp in my passport, but they also gave me 2 visas’ as well.


The stamp reads-

Remark: The holder of this passport travels to Thailand under A tourist visa several times which may result in the refusal of the visa in the future.

Luckily they gave the stamp to me on the 2nd last page of my passport and after getting a new passport it wasn’t recorded in the new one.

I got 3 more double entry visa’s after that.  Now the last 2 times I have been to the Thai embassy in Loas, even though there is no Red stamp in my current passport, they look at the number of visa’s I have, point out to me that there are too many and tell me they will only give me 1 visa, I had the same lady on both occasions.

So it looks like the good old days of getting back to back double entry visa’ are over for those with too many visa’ in their passports.

If you only have 1 or 2 you may get more double entries, but if you have 3 or more the odds are against you. So if you only get one 60 day single entry, remember- while it maybe a little inconvenient, it’s not the end of the world, your still good for 90 days with an extension

I haven’t had a refusal yet so I will keep going back until they give me one. Then I’ll fly back into Thailand for a 30 day visa on arrival.