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If you are planning your first trip to Pattaya, and are only staying for a short time, then it is probably best to book your flight as well as your accommodation with a travel agent and stick to the more trusted hotel chains, this is the most uncomplicated method of getting or finding a room. Also your travel agent maybe able to organize for the hotel to pick you up from the airport and organize all transfers, if they can’t you may be able to do it yourself by finding the email of the hotel and sending them a note on your arrival and departure flight times and dates. All the big name Hotels will have this service available and It is recommended that you use it as it will save you time and frustration later if there is some kind of communication problem with your Thai driver, it will be far more enjoyable to just pull up to the lobby and have the concierge open the door of your transport and welcome you to Thailand than to be lost, driving around asking for directions. There are many international hotel names in Pattaya with many more to come in the future.

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The Hilton Hotel





The Sheraton Hotel
Four seasons Hotel
The Marriott Hotel
The Holiday Inn Hotel

Hard Rock Hotel

Best Western Hotel

The Amari Hotel

But once you get here and start looking around, you will find there are many Thai owned hotels, guesthouses, serviced apartments that are a fraction of the price and every bit as luxurious and comfortable as some of the big name hotel chains.


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