What kind of holiday do you want in Pattaya?

You have to ask yourself what kind of a holiday you want to have in Pattaya, maybe you are burned out and just want to relax, lazing around a nice pool, drinking fruit smoothies and working on your tan, or under an umbrella down on the beach watching the kids splash around in the water while enjoying some of the local Thai beers. Maybe you’re in dire need of some TLC and just want to spend a week with a Thai masseuse and get all those aches and pains massaged out for 100 baht an hour. Or maybe you just need to switch the brain off, find a comfy seat down at Walking Street, plant yourself in a chair for a few hours and just watch the never ending parade of beautiful Thai ladies,Ladyboys, street performers, weirdo’s and hustlers, all there just to entertain you free of charge, just sit back, switch off and enjoy the spectacle and let it all come to you.


In Pattaya you can have it all, Pattaya is small in area but it is big on options and will deliver on its promises every time as long as you know what you want and where to look.

I you want to party around the clock then you may want to locate yourself near “Walking Street, ‘Soi 6’, ‘Soi 7 and‘Soi 8, ‘Soi 13’, or ‘Soi BauwKhoaw’ (A ‘Soi’ is the Thai word for a Street and the number is like the name that it’s known by). There are abundant rooms available in these areas and are usually located above the bars on the ground level, you won’t have to go far to get all your needs met in these areas and there will be an oversupply of willing helpers to cater to every whim you may have.

If retail therapy is your thing and you are chomping at the bit to spend all the money you have saved over the last twelve months on cheap clothes, bags, shoes, gadgets, software, phones and accessories, then you are in luck, Pattaya has some of the best shopping in Thailand bar none, it’s all here, and if your suit case is too small, don’t worry, there are plenty of luggage shops with jumbo suitcases available for half what you’ll pay at home. So don’t just stand there, go buy something.

If you want to spend your days soaking up the sun and lying on the beach getting massages all day the you can book into a good hotel right on Beach road, 40 m from the waterline, some of the Hotels are pretty amazing in regards to how quiet and relaxing they are, you will think that you are at some remote location, a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the fast paced circus that awaits you just outside the resorts boundaries. Or if you find Pattaya beach a bit too lively with all the jet skis, speed boats and banana boat rides, you might prefer to turn the pace down a notch or two and go to Jomtien beach with its easy going pace, care free days and romantic evening atmosphere, just a 10 minute baht bus ride to the south from Pattaya.

If the golf swing is a bit rusty but you think you can still handle 9 holes, then Pattaya has some of the Best Golf courses on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Accommodation can be organized for a true golfing holiday or a day out can be booked from any of the many golf bars, Golf clubs and travel agents around the city, or just grab a couple of clubs, jump on your motorbike, ride out to your favourite course, pay your fees, pick your caddie and start swinging. Pattaya can cater for the golfer at every level, pro or novice. You won’t forget some of the bars you’ll stop off on the way back to your room either, maybe time for one more hole.

If your wanting an Island stay and to get back to basic’s the Pattaya can provide you with an Island holiday or trip as well, just a 40 baht ticket will get you a 1 hour ferry ride west to Ko hLarn, a small Island 7 km west offshore to Pattaya. Hire a motor bike and zip around the Island in about an hour or stop off along the way for a swim in the clear cool water on the west side of the Island. Keep an eye open for a bungalow where you can stay for a night or two near the beach, go get some supplies, open a cold beer, watch the sunset into the ocean and chill out.
No matter what you want or what you want to do, Pattaya has it in spades.