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Pattaya is an awesome place and is full of colourful characters and an endless supply of funny stories, sooner or later you will hear about – ‘The Darkside’.



Yes, its only a matter of time before you will be sitting somewhere, maybe at a bar, chatting with some mates, when you will hear someone mention The Darkside and usually the next question is – ‘What the hell is The Darkside?

When you hear about The Darkside for the first time, it conjures all sorts of strange images in your mind about what it could be – Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Obi Wan, Star Wars, maybe even Satanism, well relax because The Darkside has nothing to with any of that, it’s just a location, near Pattaya where a great deal of Thai’s live and the local Expat community have been slowly making inroads into the area as an alternative place to live away from the madness of Pattaya.



Home to the largest number of Thai Muslims in Pattaya, the expat community is growing in numbers on The Darkside, because it’s more mundane than the main Pattaya areas, with fewer tourists and a much more relaxed feel because of the heavy Thai population. Housing, food and drink are also much cheaper and the pace of life is much slower, there are lots of bars popping up that cater mainly for Brits, Yanks and Aussies where you can knock back a few and chat up some of the local talent.



The Darkside is located on the east side of Pattaya, on the other side of Sukhumvit Rd. There are many ways to get to The Darkside, but the 4 main roads in are –

  • Soi Siam Country Club
  • Soi Nerm-pleb-whan
  • Soi Kal-noi (Soi Boonsampan)
  • Soi Kal-ta-loe

Keep travelling East and follow the Nong Prue signs, once you cross the railway tracks you are officially in The Darkside.



The Darkside gets its name from a time when the area was only occupied only by Thai’s and was really undeveloped with just basic infrastructure, a few roads and shop houses and no street lighting, it was dark in comparison to the bright lights of Pattaya.

Today, The Darkside is on the move and is a bit more lit up than it used to be and is a hive of activity day and night with lots of businesses, shops, bars, guesthouses markets and attractions pumping life into the area.

The Darkside Pattaya is now the number 1 alternative for the expat community to work, rest and play as Pattaya becomes more expensive, crowded and congested.



The bars of The Darkside are especially popular with the golfers on holiday in Pattaya, who, after a day out on the fairways, will often take a detour to some of the many bars off the beaten track for a brew and the use of the short time rooms before heading back to their rooms in Pattaya and into walking Street or Soi LK Metro later in the night.

The best way to explore The Darkside is by motor bike, it is such a large area with hundreds of small Soi’s and street to get lost in, you can easily spend the day bar-hopping and checking out the country side, it will takes you weeks to fully get to know your way around the joint and fully appreciate all that the area has to offer. Apart from pub-crawl’s, other activities you can try on The Darkside include –

  • Snake show
  • Elephant village
  • Paragliding
  • Joy flights
  • Bungy jumping
  • Trail riding
  • Horse riding
  • Golfing
  • Shooting range
  • Polo
  • Car racing circuit
  • r/c club
  • fishing
  • souvenir hunting
  •  and more…



Map of the Darkside Pattaya – zoom in or out to see the greater Pattaya area and click on the markers for more info and links.


View THE DARKSIDE PATTAYA in a larger map



If you haven’t been to The Darkside yet, don’t let the name put you off, it’s really a cool place to visit especially when you need a change of pace and a break from the full tilt ride of Pattaya.

So come to The Darkside!


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