Where is the Soi Boakoaw Day Markets, Pattaya?

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Soi Boakoaw day markets is a bargain hunter’s paradise and is very popular shopping destination with the locals and tourist alike, located at the southern end of Soi Boakoaw Pattaya, you can easily spend a few hours looking around here.

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Soi Boakoaw day market is basically a tent city that is put up and pulled down a couple of times a week, it is composed of 2 sections, East and West. The tent city is on the East side of Soi Boakoaw and the 2nd section is on the West side of Soi Boakoaw.

The East side tent city is the main market and is comprised of new items for sale, such as – cloths, jewelry, handbags, makeup, hats, toys, trinkets, food, pets, herbal medicines, and lots of stuff in general. Ladies shirts and singlets start in price at 40 baht, and the more you buy the bigger the discount.

The West side market is a roofed complex with no walls, it is more popular with the Thai’s, mainly because there is a lot of 2nd hand stuff there, maybe 50% of the stalls sell 2nd hand stuff, but you will find good deals here too, like textiles, it is definitely worth having a look around.

Market days are open on Tuesdays and Fridays, the vendors start arriving at 6:30 am and start constructing their stalls, ready for the day’s customers and they start packing up around 4 pm and is pretty well finished by 7 pm.

The rest of the week you may find a couple of stalls set up during the day or evening selling stuff, but the big days are on Tuesdays and Fridays.

The North entrance to Soi Boakoaw is Soi 13 on Pattaya Klang Rd.

The South entrance to Soi Boakoaw is Soi 22 on South Pattaya Rd.

Happy hunting.

Map Soi Boakoaw Day Markets

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